How to book / reserve online?

We aimed at making this site as friendly as possible to all visitors.
For more comfort, you can either reserve online getting an instant confirmation of your lodging arrangement or by sending us an email enquiry to our email adress booking@charming-krumlov-hotels.com 

Online reservation
We recommend to choose enquired date at first.
You will see in results only available hotel offers if you tick \"Only online Hotels\".
You can sort them out by price, category or distance from most important parts of Cesky Krumlov and see photos of some room types.
Than, on the page of each hotel, decide while looking at the photos from the hotel, exact location on the map of Cesky Krumlov, Streetview or benefits offered to each particular room.
Reservation notes are supposed for information that you will need parking, non smoking room, room for disabled, how old are your children etc.

There is always list of similar hotels down on the page of each particular hotel.

Info & availability request
Is recommendable in case you would like to ask further questions, which are not answered in the online reservation mode or make sure that rooms are really available (should be!). Some hotels (mainly smaller ones) are not always able to maintain their online allocations updated.
It is also good way for enquiring of more rooms / group reservations.

How long does the online reservation process take?
The online reservation process takes just few minutes and the reservation Voucher confirmation is sent to you automaticaly as soon as you finish the reservation process by submiting the reservation form.
In case you find Cesky Krumlov hotel you like, but it seems that it is not available, does not offer room you enquire or if you have other questions on prague hotels - dont hesitate to contact us. 

It might even happen that you find higher price of choosen Cesky Krumlov accommodation than elsewhere (we hope that not)... please let us know in such a case and we will match whatever offer you have seen!

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