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Five-petalled Rose Celebrations 19th - 21st June 2015 The spirit of the Renaissance age is brought back to life for three days with the hubbub of jousts, craft fairs, medieval music, street plays, and fencing duels to culminate with the highlight of the festival- spectacular procession in historical costumes featuring knights on horseback and many notables linked with the history of the town. No matter what the age or the expectations of the visitors are, all will certainly enjoy themselves. Find more: http://www.ckrumlov.info/docs/en/atr621.xml

41st Rallye Cesky Krumlov - the start of the ceremony is taking place in the vicinity of the historical center. Enjoy speed and adrenalin from 24. - 25.5.2013 ( Fr - Sa). Find more: http://www.rallyekrumlov.cz/en/home/news

Czech holidays on 28th October - some shops might be closed, buses and trains have different schedule...

Visit the State Castle and Chateau of Český Krumlov, which was included to the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Monuments in 1992, ranks among the most important European sights. Find more on: http://www.southbohemiaeventscalendar.com/en/sights/castle-cesky-krumlov-1316

Cesky Krumlov Castle Museum - this new museum was opened recently and it is right under the Tower. You will find here brief history of regional Nobles and artifacts from their live. find more at : http://www.zamek-ceskykrumlov.eu/tour-routes-and-exhibitions/castle-museum/

Art Center Egon Schiele - largest permanent exhibition area in Cesky Krumlov. Many of classical and contemporary art exhibitons take place here. find more at http://www.schieleartcentrum.cz/en/exkhibitions/1/

Cesky Krumlov Regional Museum - opened again last year - former Jesuit seminary, the oldest early aroque building in town, has permanent exhibition: cabinet of artworks and portrait of region from primeval ages till the end fo 19th century. The towns history is displayed with rich archaeological, handcraft, ethnographic, and industrial art exhibits.

Cesky Krumlov Card - buy a card to get to know the local history and contemporary sights that this Card offers you. Visit exhibitions and save up to 50% of the total price of the admissions. Find more: http://www.ckrumlov.info/docs/en/atr2.xml#nabid49812

Public holiday on 17th November - today in honour of "Velvet revolution" anniversary in 1989. Some shops might be closed, buses and trains have different schedule...

Cesky Krumlov - exhibition about city Cesky Krumlov from urban conversation area into UNESCO town. Opened Tu -Sun from 9 am. More information: http://events.ckrumlov.cz/exhibition-cesky-krumlov-from-urban-conservation-area-into-unesco-town/9991/

Advent and Christmas - 30.11.- 6.1.2013 - a completally different face of Cesky Krumlov.Advent, Christmas, St. Nicholas, New Years Eve,.... Find more about this time : http://www.ckrumlov.info/docs/en/advent.xml

St.Martin´s Feast and Wine Festival - it arises as an autumnal celebrations of St. Martin’s wines, seasonal gastronomy and friendly encounters. This year´s programme includes festive opening of distinctive wines, St. Martin´s feast in local restaurants and a garden wine celebration with concerts by popular bands from 10. - 18.11.2012 Find more: http://www.ckrumlov.info/docs/en/atr522.xml

Cesky Krumlov Boating Marathon - takes place on 13th October. Widely frequented competition for professionals and amateurs with sideshow for children and others.

Zlata Koruna -in the cisterian monastery you may visit an exhibition of painting of Fadil Vejzovic. It is held only untill 31.10.2012

Cesky Krumlov Baroque Arts Festival - period chamber music, opera...in historical buildings from 20th to 23rd September 2012

Cesky Krumlov Ecofilm - nature, environment, culture in film is presented from 8th to 14th October 2012 find more at : http://www.ekofilm.cz/?lang=en

Saint Wenceslas Celebration - celebration of the patron of brewers and winemakers Saint Wenceslas.This festival offers cultural as well as gourmet experience, folk ensembles, Saint Wenceslas fair and evening excursion to the town´s museums and galleries. Find more at: http://www.ckrumlov.info/docs/en/atr176.xml

Zlata Koruna - Czech royal music festival is held from 15.8. - 28.9.2012. The festival offers visitors a genuine musical experience combined with a pleasant trip. The musical experience is emphasized by the magnificent Gothic interiors of the Cistercian Monastery. See more at: http://bo.ckrumlov.info/docs/cz/atr513.xml

European Heritage Days in Cesky Krumlov - come to see usually closed areas and historical buildings from 8th to 16th September 2012

Cesky Krumlov Saint Wenceslas Celebrations - concerts, street theatre, traditional food... annual celebrations from 28th to 30th September. Galleries and museums open at night of czech patron St. Wenceslas.

Festival of Baroque Arts - from 15. - 23.9.2012 - architects and music composers – meet once again to create a one-of-a-kind cultural event. The town’s authentic historical premises resound with the tones of contemporary music: Sacral music echoes through the monastery church and the unique Baroque Castle Theatre becomes a stage for operas.

Day Without Barriers - takes place in Cesky Krumlov on 8th September 2012. It is great possibility for visit for handicapped persons...

Cesky Krumlov Revolving Auditorium - world unique open air theatre is one of the Cesky Krumlov highlights. It is not easy to get tickets there and it performs only from 7th June to 8th September each year. tickets available here : http://www.otacivehlediste.cz/program

Cesky Krumlov Festival of Jazz and Alternative music - international music - is held until on 5th September 2012

International Music Festival in Cesky Krumlov - jazz, folk, chamber music...played on summer stages by world famous interpreters - come over to see and listen artists such as Jose Cura, Placido Domingo or great violoncellist Mischa Maisky. takes place from 20th July until 26th August. More info at: http://www.festivalkrumlov.cz/en

International Music Festival - the 21st year will take place from 20th July to 18th of August. The opening by Dmitri Hvorostovsky, the world famous baritone, with czech Symphonic orchestra starts at 8:30pm. Find more: http://www.festivalkrumlov.cz/en/program/detail/1275

Czech holidays on 28th September - some shops might be closed, buses and trains have different schedule...

Chamber Music Festival in Cesky Krumlov - listen to the classical music in the historical rooms of Cesky Krumlov Castle from 29th June until 8th July 2012

Cesky Krumlov Five Petalled Rose celebrations - a three-day annual Renaissance Festival is held from 22nd until 24th of June - come to see nobles, knights, beggars and many others.

Cesky Krumlov Travellers Choice Destination 2010 - Tripadvisor travellers voted our town to be one of 25 most popular destinations in Europe. Cesky Krumlov has now population of 13 360 inhabitants...

Magical Cesky Krumlov night on 30th April 2012 - Free entrances to Krumlov Museums, Rising of the Pole, Witches Whirl.....

Cesky Krumlov Shrovetide Carnival takes place on 21st March. Come to see or dance with conjurers, street musicians,... Procession of colourful masks, street plays, abundant feast,...

St. Valentine in Cesky Krumlov - come and stay in our charming place, ideal for romantic in two...St. Valentine day on 14th February (Monday)

Cesky Krumlov Epiphany - the taking down of the Christmas tree on 6th January

Cesky Krumlov Christmas Markets - take place on the main Square of Svornosti until 6th of January. Decorations, jewellery, toys, candles, baked chestnuts, sweets, traditional food, hot wine...all accompanied by rich cultural schedule...

Cesky Krumlov New Year Eve Celebration - traditional celebrations with music and firworks promise pleasant escape from everyday life

Czech Mourning - mourning period in the Czech Republic until Friday 23rd December. All casinos are closed, sport events may be moved to different dates...

Vaclav Havel official mourning day - government of the Czech Republic meets on Monday to declare a period of mourning (expected for some day/s of this week)

Vaclav Havel has died on Sunday 18th December at 10:15am http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCzVQMFkPp4

Cesky Krumlov Christmas Tree lightning - today! 1st Advent Sunday - the Ecumenical opening of Advent on 27th November on the Town Square.

Zlata Koruna Royal Music Festival take place until 22nd of September. The impression of the music highlights impressive Gothic interior environment of the Cistercian monastery. Zlata Koruna monastery is in the vicinity of Cesky Krumlov. find more here : http://www.charming-krumlov-hotels.com/cesky-krumlov-zlata-koruna

Cesky Krumlov Old Music Festival - baroque, renaissance and medieval music played on historic instruments in Cesky Krumlov churches, Castle, monastery and Prelate until 15th July 2011

Cesky Krumlov International Music Festival - jazz, folk, chamber music...played on summer stages by world famous interpreters from 22nd July until 28th August

Cesky Krumlov Miraculum - come to see international theatre performances until 18th October. Czech, Austrian and German theatres with classical to carnival, street and marrionet performances.

Cesky Krumlov - 24.12. Bears Christmas - come to celebrate Christmas with the children and adults who like to bring presents for the bears in the Castles moat. The Christmas atmosphere is enhanced with Christmas carols sung in the Castle courtyard.

Prague Accordion Orchestras Festival - 6th annual volume of international competition takes place from 27th to 31st October in multiple Prague churches and city halls. please find more at : http://www.accordion.cz/index.php?lang=2

Rallye Cesky Krumlov - takes place on 20th-22nd May annualy from 1971. Attractive race with finish near the center of Cesky Krumlov.

Cesky Krumlov Five Petalled Rose celebrations: a three-day Renaissance Festival will be held from 18th June until 20th of June 2010 - come to see nobles, knights, beggars and many others.

Cesky Krumlov - The Nativity Scene (23.12.2009) - Live Nativity, accompanied by the singing of Christmas carols, performed by the townspeople of Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov - 4th Advent (Golden) Sunday (20.12.2009) - Carol singing around the Christmas Tree on the Town Square

Cesky Krumlov - The Saint Nicholas Day (5.12.) - Devilish games with Angelic assistance and the arrival of Saint Nicholas on the twovn square.

Cesky Krumlov - 3rd Advent (Silver) Sunday (13.12.2009) - Christmas Postmen deliver letters to Christ Child; Christmas markets and special events on the Town Square

Cesky Krumlov - 2nd Advent sunday (6.12.2009) - come to sing Christmas Carols around the Christmas tree on the Town Square

Cesky Krumlov Miraculum - come to see international theatre performances from 15th to 19th October 2009

Cesky Krumlov Miraculum (15. - 19.10.2009) - international theatre festival featuring Czech, Austrian and German theatre companies

Cesky Krumlov International Music Festival - jazz, folk and chamber music played on summer stages from 17th to 22th August 2009

Cesky Krumlov Early Music Festival - baroque, renaissance and medieval music played on historic instruments from 9th until 16th of July 2009

Cesky Krumlov Five Petalled Rose celebrations will be held from 19th June until 21th of June 2009 - come to see nobles, knights, beggars and many others

Cesky Krumlov New Year Eve - traditional celebrations with music and firworks promise pleasant escape from everyday life

Cesky Krumlov Saint Wenceslas Celebrations - concerts, street theatre, traditional food... from 24th to 28th September 2010. Galleries and museums open at night of St. Wenceslas

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