State Castle Cesky Krumlov

State Castle Cesky Krumlov

The complex of the castle erected proudly on the rock above the Vltava river and Cesky Krumlov Old Town, creates an unique Renaissance and Baroque pearl of the whole region.

It is one of the largest castle complexes in central Europe. Forty buildings and palaces, situated within five castle courts and a castle park area.

The Krumlov Castle was for the first time mentioned between the years 1240 and 1242 (in poem "Der Frauendienst" by an Austrian knight minnesinger Ulrich of Lichtenstein).

Originally Gothic Krumlov castle was the seat of Vitek of Krumlov from the noble family of Witigonen in 13th century. Than, under the reign of Lords of Rozmberk (Masters of the Rose”), it was enlarged in 14th century and rebuilt in the Renaissance style in 16th century. The word "Cesky" has been used since the middle of the 15th century. It was modified into the Baroque and the Rococo styles (Eggengerg Hall with the golden carriage, Masquerade Hall, Saint Georges Castle Chapel, Castle Theatre, Gardens) during 17th and 18th century.

Baroque Theatre

Cesky Krumlov Castle Baroque Theatre building, stage (and stage technology), orchestra pit, auditorium, machinery, coulisses, costumes, librettos etc. were preserved. The theatre is one of the most preserved Baroque theatres in the world!

Baroque Garden

Baroque Garden was founded in 17th century. It is situated from the southwest of the Cesky Krumlov Castle and you can enjoy beautiful mosaics of colourful flower beds.

Wenceslas Cellars - an extensive cellar area under IVth courtyard is used for exhibitions of contemporary Czech and foreign artists and Czech Ceramics Design Agency.

The main cellar area (originally unified), have been newly arranged as a lapidarium where the original statues from Cloak Bridge and Cesky Krumlov Castle Garden are stored.

The Castle Tower is the symbol of the town of Cesky Krumlov and you can climb it by 162 stairs. There is a beautiful view of the city and its vicinity.

Bear Moat - bear-keeping at Cesky Krumlov Castle goes back to 16th century and the Bear Moat is present since 1707. Families with small children enjoy watching the bears in the moat.

There is also Schwarzenberg family (inherited Cesky Krumlov Castle after Eggenberg family) Portrait Gallery displaying portraits of the members of the family from their primal father Erkinger upto the beginning of the 20th century.

The town was declared a Municipal Preserve In 1963 and Cesky Krumlov Castle became a National Monument in 1989. In 1992 the entire Cesky Krumlov complex was enlisted among the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Monuments.


The State Castle Cesky Krumlov is situated in the city centre where is the pedestrian zone. Cars can be parked in the parking (the nearest car park is Jeleni Garden, called P1 - and Bellow the Post Office, called P2).


Zamek 59
381 01 Cesky Krumlov


Phone: 00420 380 704 711
Mobile phone: 00420 380 704 721
Fax: 00420 380 704 710

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