Museum photo studio Seidl in Cesky Krumlov

Museum photo studio Seidl is placed in a one storey yellow house in Linecka street in Cesky Krumlov. Above the glass roof you can see a sign with the name of Josef Seidl.

The information center and technical background of the Museum Photo Studio Seidl is placed in the smaller old house. You can purchase here a ticket and buy some copy of Frantisek or Josef Seidl photography as well.

At first lets have a look through the reception room, well-arranged with ancient furniture as seen on contemporary photographs and recalled by witnesses. You can see into the private rooms of the last residents of the house. Bedroom and a small living room are authentically furnished and have been restored with care.

Next stop should be a room for daylight photo printing and the former laboratory. The original recreated tools and photography equipment will show you the historic process of making photos in Cesky Krumlov, such as copying, developing and drying photographs, or working under the red light in the dark room.

Paper scissor, a hand operated printer, a photo press, copiers, magnifiers and polishing machines all the technical equipment which you can find here is authentic and functional.

Another remarkable thing of this exhibition is a renewed stereopticon from the turn of 19th and 20th century projecting historical photographs from the Great War.

The highlight of this Cesky Krumlov museum is the photo studio itself. Here you can be photographed with the hand painted backfill using the ancient photo camera. All of the accessories stay functional. Copy machine for postcards, or a machine for photo film even a magnifier for large-scale glass plates will remains in excellent condition for many years.

The secrets and knowledge of more than hundred thousand negatives can upon previous arrangement examine experts or ordinary people using the lecture room and the cellar-based lab.


street Linecka 272
Phone: 00420 380 712 354

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